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          Welcome to the Jiangyin Dingjie Aluminum Co., Ltd. website!

          Product line

          Extrusion, mold, surface treatment, deep-processing centers, such as complete process production facilities

          About Us

          China's leading supplier of industrial aluminum solutions

          Jiangyin dingjie aluminum co., LTD is located in zhouzhuang town, jiangyin city, jiangsu province, which is economically developed and convenient. Ding jie aluminum main production, testing equipment from on behalf of the international advanced level of Japan, the United States, such as the introduction of Italy, is a collection of aluminum production, sales, research and development in the integration of modern high-tech enterprises, China's leading supplier of industrial aluminum overall solution. It has complete process production facilities such as extrusion, mould, surface treatment and deep processing center. Our customers are located in almost all fields of automobile, rail, ship, electronics, green energy, machinery manufacturing, construction system and so on.C...

          Our professional equipment

          Domestic advanced aluminum alloy profile development, design, manufacturing, and precision machining capabilities

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