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          Welcome to the Jiangyin Dingjie Aluminum Co., Ltd. website!

          About Us


          Jiangyin dingjie aluminum co., LTD is located in zhouzhuang town, jiangyin city, jiangsu province, which is economically developed and convenient. Ding jie aluminum main production, testing equipment from on behalf of the international advanced level of Japan, the United States, such as the introduction of Italy, is a collection of aluminum production, sales, research and development in the integration of modern high-tech enterprises, China's leading supplier of industrial aluminum overall solution. It has complete process production facilities such as extrusion, mould, surface treatment and deep processing center. Our customers are located in almost all fields of automobile, rail, ship, electronics, green energy, machinery manufacturing, construction system and so on.
          Company has the world advanced aluminum profile of the development, design, manufacturing and precision machining capacity, excellent product has been widely praised by users, and hopes to continue to provide users with satisfactory products and services. At the same time we sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to guide and negotiate business.
          We adhere to the tenet of customer first, tailor our service to quality, service and customer satisfaction as the service standard, and take technical innovation and product research and development as the core competitiveness. Products from the mold design development to production, from product processed to surface treatment, from simple systematic manufacturing aluminum frame processing to automatic assembly line device, we at once and are proud of industry leading companies to provide products and services for! Product variety, quality oubiao industrial aluminum and flexible and convenient for fitting, in mechanical manufacturing, factory equipment, industrial production line, factory automation and automated production equipment, and other fields, to bring our customers high quality products and related services, design and manufacture a series of industrial production equipment, industrial equipment and efficient, flexible, material simplification. We constantly improve our technical space, make it more reliable and more flexible, and continuously provide customers with better products and all-round services.
          After many years of production practice and product innovation, ding jie aluminum products are widely used in various fields, marketing at home and abroad market, become a professional industrial assembly aluminum and special accessories manufacturers. We have reliable product quality, fast delivery guarantee, reasonable price system, perfect after-sales service, every project has perfect system service plan to escort you.

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