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          Welcome to the Jiangyin Dingjie Aluminum Co., Ltd. website!


          1. Extrusion workshop
          A) the company now has 6 aluminum extrusion production lines, and the extruding machine tonnage from 8MN, 10MN, 16.5mn, 25MN, 36MN and 73MN, can extrude various industries and meet the needs of different customers. 73 mn Japan's ube horizontal hydraulic double-acting extrusion machine, is the most advanced extrusion in east China's largest aluminium extrusion machine, extrusion maximum size (width) x 30 mm to 700 mm (thickness), can produce all kinds of complicated large cross-section of industrial aluminum products.

          73MN Japan yu department horizontal hydraulic double-action extrusion press
          B) ingot heating equipment for Germany rittal gradient long bar heating furnace system, automatic temperature control error can achieve + / - 1 ℃, can ensure uniform ingot casting internal organization, material surface quality and performance standards.

          German wetu automatic gradient long rod heating furnace system

          C) it has the longest 30M aging furnace in east China, which can meet the large aluminum profile products with the longest vertical length of 30M.
          30 m aging furnace
          D) the whole extrusion process set non-contact infrared thermometer (+ / - 1 ℃ accuracy, response time is 0. 05-1s. Continuous measurement, display, recording and warning casting and extrusion material temperature. By controlling the temperature of extrusion process, ensure that the extruded product has the desired extrusion performance, and obtain the products with uniform longitudinal performance and excellent mechanical properties.
          E) has the world's most advanced Israel Ascona section size measurement system (measuring range: 700 x 240 mm, the accuracy: + / - (including 10 m), the whole process to ensure all kinds of complex profile extrusion product section size measurement and monitoring.
          F) the company is also equipped with a complete set of top-class ancillary equipment from grange and cormetto, which provides a reliable guarantee for the manufacture of high precision industrial aluminum profiles.
          Ii. Deep processing center
          It has nearly 100 kinds of large and medium-sized CNC processing centers, as well as sawing, seamless bending, bending circle, stamping, CMM, welding and other equipment. Processing center successively from Europe and the United States imported high-speed multi-axis machining center, forming machine, the friction stir welding system and other international first-class technology and equipment, can the independent production of aluminum alloy products according to customer's need for processing, assembling, welding, etc., meet the international and domestic high precision in a broad range of areas, demand for the development of lightweight.

          30M friction stir welding equipment

          3. Surface treatment production line
          Six oxidation lines, two small oxidation lines. Minimum: 0.1 meters, maximum 7.5 meters.

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